Dems Sue for Out of State Voters

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Legislation, Opinion, Special Alerts

The NH Democrat Party and its allies are Suing to Give Out of State Residents Voting Rights in NH.

The 2017-2018 Republican majority passed two reforms for voter identification and proof of residency.
Senate Bill (SB) 3 required registrants to provide documentation showing a presence in state.
House Bill (HB) 1264 defined residency to close the loophole allowing residents of other states to vote here.

The 2019-2020 Democrat majority passed bills to overturn Senate Bill 3 and House Bill 1264.
They passed House Bills 105 and 106, which overturn the reforms of SB 3 and HB 1264.

Gov. Chris Sununu, vetoed both of them and those vetoes will be able to be sustained.

New Hampshire is unique in the country in allowing people to vote who are residents of other states.
The US Supreme Court has affirmed that states have the right to determine whether voters are residents.
The NH Supreme Court has ruled that HB 1264 requiring voters to be residents is constitutional.
New Hampshire is unique in allowing people to vote here without documenting a presence in state.

So, Democrats turned to the Courts to bring back Drive-By Voting for Residents of other states.
SB 3 and HB 1264 are being challenged by the NH Democrat Party and League of Women Voters or the ACLU.
Every other state has laws like SB 3 and HB 1264, but Democrats aren’t suing them.

The trial in the lawsuit that challenges SB 3 has been delayed until December 2019.
In October 2018, Judge Kenneth Brown enjoined the “unreasonable and discriminatory” law from taking effect.
The Supreme Court overruled him for the 2018 election, to prevent confusion so close to the election.
Judge Brown has since now retired and has been replaced by Judge David Anderson.
He ordered that “The court’s preliminary injunction would therefore remain in place until after the primary.”
This new schedule moves the trial from September to six days in December, Dec. 2-5 and Dec. 9-10.
So currently, the state is blocked from using new voter registration forms and affidavits set out in SB 3.

NH Supreme Court ruled HB 1264 constitutional, so Democrats and ACLU are suing in Federal Court.
They sued in February on behalf of Dartmouth College students who are residents of Louisiana and California.
Both voted in 2018 in New Hampshire but maintained driver’s licenses in their home states.
HB 1264, effective July 1, requires persons (including out-of-state students) become NH residents to vote here.

U.S. District Judge Joseph LaPlante refused the state Attorney General’s request to dismiss the lawsuit.
LaPlante stated “What does this law really do except make some people discouraged from voting?”
He agreed the ACLU’s lawsuit should move forward, setting an Aug. 13 date for a conference.
The judge noted the deadline for a resolution is needed before the 2020 presidential election.

Can there be any doubt that the NH Democrat Party counts on out of state voters to win elections?
NH Democrat legislators pass laws tho give voting rights in New Hampshire to residents of other states.
Elected NH Democrats attack as “voter suppression” the same laws in place in every other state.
NH Democrat Party spends funds to sue the State of New Hampshire on behalf of out of state students.

Election results make clear why Democrats prefer out of state residents over your right to vote.
In 2016, on election day, 6,540 voters registered and voted in New Hampshire using out-of-state licenses.
2,246 of them registered using licenses from Massachusetts, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1.
The 2016 election for the US Senate was decided by 1,017 votes.

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