Information and Education for the Taxpayers of NH

Our Mission is to inform, educate and motivate New Hampshire taxpayers and to lobby the legislature on their behalf.

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GST Summer Meeting with Corey Lewandowski

GST Summer Meeting with Corey Lewandowski

How has the current administration impacted Taxpayers? Immigration, spending, inflation, tax policies, energy costs, foreign policy, regulations and more. The last two years have brought serious impacts in all aspects of our lives. For two examples, here are graphs of...

Climate Change Made Simple

Climate Change Made Simple

Climate Alarmists say the World will end ... SOON! They and their socialist allies continually push for new ways to increase their control of our lives, our standard of living, and the amenities we've worked hard to achieve. No more red meat, fewer cows, electric...

Taxes Have Consequences

Taxes Have Consequences

Why Taxes Matter From the Committee to Unleash Prosperity on February 28, 2023. CSPAN and FreedomWorks aired Arthur Laffer and co-authors Brian Domitrovic and Jeanne Sinquefeld discussing their new history of the impact of tax policy on growth and prosperity. It’s a...

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We provide a platform to influence issues that will keep taxes low in New Hampshire. Our members make this possible and expand our influence in Concord and around the state.


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What We Do

  • Review legislative proposals and determine their impact on taxpayers.
  • Support legislation that reduces the financial impact of government on the taxpayer.
  • Inform our members through email alerts, a newsletter and through our website.
  • Testify in legislative sessions to protect the interests of taxpayers.
  • Coordinate with other organizations that support limited, constitutional government.
    Generate position papers to guide and support legislative action.

Our Story

Founded in 1990 by former Governor Mel Thomson and former State Senator George Lovejoy we are a A New Hampshire Corporation that is Non-Partisan, Non-Sectarian, Non-Profit.

Our Mission is to inform, educate and motivate New Hampshire taxpayers and to lobby the legislature on their behalf.

Our Values

– Frugal, limited government that works efficiently within its constitutional authority.
– Low taxes as a result of low spending.
– Balanced budgets.
– Local control on spending issues.
– An informed, involved citizenry.
– Accountability for our elected public servants.
– Free market solutions.

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