Useful Links

Following are organizations that share with Granite State Taxpayers a vision for limited, effective, constitutional government.

National Taxpayers Union
Americans for Tax Reform
Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers
New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition
Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy
Americans for Prosperity

Granite State Taxpayers does not endorse every position taken by these organizations.

Following are resources for information on government, financial information, legislation, and general economic data and information.

State of New Hampshire
State of New Hampshire Financial Reports
New Hampshire Laws, Rules & Statutes On-line
NH State Government (including pending legislation)
White House Office of Management and Budget
White House OMB Historicals
Congressional Budget Office
Medicare Trustees Reports
Social Security Trustees Reports
US Government Debt to The Penny
US Government Sites to Make Payments to Reduce the Debt
(For people who say they want to pay more taxes.)

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