Election Law Update

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Legislation, Opinion, Special Alerts

Election Integrity Will Be Compromised by Recent Legislation
Democrat majorities in Concord have passed several bills that impact election integrity:

Bill passed (HB 105) to reverse SB 3 which required presentation of proof of domicile.
HB 105 also ends follow up on double voting through Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program.

Bill passed (HB 106) to reverse HB 1264, which required voters to be residents.
The requirement for voters to be residents was found constitutional by the NH Supreme Court.

Bill held for next year (HB 541) to award NH Electoral Votes to national popular vote winner.
This (if passed next year) will be the end for the NH Primary and our political influence in DC.

Bill passed (HB 397) to enable illegal aliens to obtain NH Driver Licenses without SSN.

Bill passed (SB 7) to enable voter registration at the DMV when applying for Driver License.

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