Elections Made Simple

by | Dec 9, 2022 | Legislation, Special Alerts

Democrats Say They Want to Make Elections “More Accessible.”
More accessible to non-residents, non-citizens, dead people, etc.
Or to make the election law more complex and with less security against fraud.
Democrats in Washington tried to take over elections for the entire country.

Democrats in Concord have (again) introduced legislation for ranked-choice voting in NH (LSR 2023-0012) and voting rights in NH for residents of other states (LSR 2023-0038).
Click here for a list of submitted LSRs (Legislative Service Requests) as of December 5, 2022.

Voting in any state should be simple to understand and execute, resistant to fraud, and available exclusively to residents of that state.

It’s not that difficult. Here’s how:

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick


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