Governor Chris Sununu Will Work for New Hampshire Taxpayers

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Opinion, Special Alerts

Governor Chris Sununu Will Work for New Hampshire Taxpayers

Granite State Taxpayers (GST) is New Hampshire’s oldest state-wide Taxpayer advocacy group.
We work to inform and motivate New Hampshire taxpayers on how low spending, enabling low taxes, benefits them.

GST assesses candidate positions on spending and taxes from incumbent votes and surveys.
We consider their willingness to increase the tax burden on New Hampshire Taxpayers.
Click here for information on New Hampshire House and Senate candidates who took our survey.

Gubernatorial candidates Chris Sununu and Dan Feltes differ greatly on spending and taxes.

After review, GST believes Gov. Chris Sununu will be the best for New Hampshire Taxpayers.
GST recommended Sununu in 2016, an evaluation confirmed by his actions over his two terms.

Sununu supported legislation to lower our business taxes and worked to reduce unnecessary regulations.
He worked to attract new businesses and to lower energy costs in order to grow the state’s economy.
The economy grew, with the lowest unemployment in the US. New businesses and residents moved in.
WalletHub found NH to be #1 in comparing states on quality of government services versus tax burden.
Election laws were corrected to prevent residents from other states from voting here.
Educational choice was expanded. Rainy day funds were replenished.
Business taxes were reduced, and funds were returned to communities to reduce property taxes.

After the election of 2018, Democrats took control of the Legislature and the Executive Council.
Sununu made an effort to work with Democrats.
When they proposed taxing wage income to fund a State takeover of Family Medical Leave Insurance (FMLI), he proposed a market based plan to improve FMLI availability and affordability.
Sununu has vetoed 79 bills impacting taxpayers, families, liberties and Second Amendment rights.

The Cato Institute interviewed Sununu and ranked him #1 among Governors for fiscal policy.
Management of Covid-19 earned NH a WalletHub ranking as the 9th most aggressive state in responding to the virus.

Sununu sued the State of Massachusetts in the US Supreme Court to stop its effort to collect taxes from New Hampshire residents who are working from home for Massachusetts companies.

Dan Feltes has promoted increased spending, taxes and expansion of state government.
He has supported increasing the minimum wage and restricting workers’ rights with Card Check.
As a state senator, he voted for increasing taxes and fees in the past two years, including efforts to pass an income tax to fund a State takeover of Family Medical Leave Insurance.
He and other Democrats have voted for “Green New Deal” initiatives that will drive up energy costs.
He voted for laws to provide voting rights in New Hampshire for residents of other states.

We in New Hampshire have a day-night difference in the choice for governor.
Revenue shortfalls due to the pandemic will create challenges dealing with the next budget.
With his experience and values, Sununu will be most able to deal with future challenges.

Granite State Taxpayers Board of Directors


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