Governor Sununu to Speak at Rally

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Press Releases, Special Alerts

Governor Sununu announced he will attend the Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage Rally.
RSVP to hear him at the Rally Saturday 3/30/19 at 10:00 AM in Concord!

New Hampshire has prospered under Governor Sununu and the 2015-2018 Republican Legislature.
A growing economy, lowest unemployment in the nation, new businesses and people moving to the state.
WalletHub found NH was #1 in comparing, by state, the quality of government services to the tax burden.
Election laws were corrected to prevent residents from other states from voting here.
Educational choice was expanded. Rainy day funds were replenished.
Business taxes were reduced, and funds were returned to communities to reduce property taxes.
What’s not to like?

Much, apparently, if we listen to Democrat, who control the the State House, and see their agenda.
They appear determined to undermine the very programs that helped create our current prosperity.

The Governor and Republican Minority Leaders will talk about defeating this progressive agenda.
RSVP to hear them at the Preserve the New Hampshire Advantage Rally!


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