GST Testifies For Keeping Ballot Party Columns, Against HB 1403

by | Feb 22, 2020 | Legislation, Special Alerts

GST Submitted Testimony Against HB 1403 removing party columns from general election ballots.

Click here for status information and a link to read the bill, which has the following summary:
“This bill removes party columns from state general election ballots.”

GST Opposes HB 1403 because it eliminates a clear source of information for voters.
We support providing accessible information for voters in making informed decisions in elections.
Political parties invest significant effort in publicizing their platforms and legislative initiatives.
Voting for a particular candidate is not only a vote for that candidate.
That vote also supports a majority for that candidates’ party, and for implementing their legislative agenda.

Party identification on the ballot enables an informed vote even if the voter is not familiar with a particular candidate.

The House Election Law Committee met 1/28/20 to hear testimony.
Click here to read the position submitted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick.

Click here to find your Legislators. Tell them to oppose this legislation!

Posted by: GST Chairman Ray Chadwick


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