Hear a Status Report on the Select Committee on 2020 Emergency Election Support.

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Opinion, Special Alerts

In the GST Zoom Conference, Rep. Barbara Griffin reported the status of the Select Committee.
(Click here) for information on the formation and charter of the Select Committee.

Select Committee member Rep. Griffin reported that:
The Committee is advisory only. Final decisions rest with the Secretary of State and Governor.
The idea of mailing ballots to everyone on the voter list has been dropped.
Staffing at the polls will be a problem since many poll workers are in Covid risk groups.
Various methods for requesting absentee ballots are still being considered.
Use of Qualified Voter Affidavits as an alternative to proof of ID is still being considered.
Estimates of people expected to vote absentee range from 50% to 85%.
Left-leaning groups like League of Women Voters are working to register high school students.
Department of Motor Vehicles will not take action against those who vote but don’t get a license.
Some recommendations will likely require change in statute or an executive order to implement.
The final Committee meeting is Thursday 6/4/20, with final report early next week.

Click here to hear the audio of the Zoom meeting with opening comments and Rep. Griffin’s report.

The Select Committee should focus on absentee ballots and making voting as safe as possible.
It should not be attempting to revise our election laws or our voting processes.

We need to closely follow AND COMMENT ON the Committee recommendations.
Find your Legislators here and contact Governor Sununu by email at: governorsununu@nh.gov
Urge them not to make any changes to NH Election Law.

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick


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