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by | Apr 24, 2024 | Legislation, Special Alerts

GST has reviewed all 1,159 current bills and gathered information on each into a Google Sheet.
It presents the bill number, a link in blue) to the bill text, the bill title, the House or Senate Committee reviewing the bill, and hearing dates and locations.
Bills impacting taxpayers may have comments and a recommendation to support or oppose the bill.

Legislative calendars are published on Friday. The GST spreadsheet will be updated soon thereafter.
– We’ll send an email with a link to the spreadsheet, updated with the new hearing dates.
– The link should open the sheet at the orange highlighted section showing next weeks hearings.
– On some devices, you may need to scroll down to the orange highlighted section.

Click here for the GST spreadsheet 2024 GST BILLS with data on the 1,159 bills in process.
Information on Bills, Legislative Calendars and Hearing Dates are at
The image below shows pertinent sections of the site. Click it to expand it for easier reading.

To submit your position on a bill, go to
In the MEETING RESOURCES area at bottom right, use the sign-in links for House or Senate hearings.

There are instructions available in the MEETING RESOURCES section, but it’s really pretty simple.
The entry order and method for sending a PDF differ between House and Senate, but you’ll need to:
– Enter personal information, select the hearing date, then the Committee name and the Bill Number.
– Select: I am “A Member of the Public”, Representing “Myself”, click “I Support (or Oppose) this bill.”
– If you want, you can add comments, or upload (House) or email (Senate) a PDF document if desired.
– Then hit “Submit” to register your position on the bill
Comments on any bill submitted on-line must be done before 11:59 PM on the day of the hearing.
Some other sources of information for assessing bills and commenting on them are:
Click House or Click Senate for calendars showing hearing dates and committee reports.
= Click here to look up current statutes and search through the titles for comparison to bills.
= Click here to find names and contact information for your legislators.
GST hopes this Information Helps You to Make Your Voice Heard!
Please send any questions or suggestions to:

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick


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