Makers and Takers

by | Jan 28, 2024 | Opinion, Special Alerts

GST Works for Taxpayers to Counter the Spending Schemes of Governments and Special Interests.
Special Interests implement their goals and programs by leveraging government access and funds.
Liberal (socialist) politicians are eager to increase government power and control to “remake society”.
Advocates like GST for the forgotten Taxpayers are fewer that the spending advocates.

Granite State Taxpayers like to present articles that expose the problems created by government.

“The General Welfare”
This 2007 article showed how “To promote the General Welfare” was the justification for government doing things the private sector would do better.

Argentina’s 20th Century Descent from Riches to Depression is a warning for 21st Century America.
This 2015 video highlighted how government strategies destroyed Argentina and its institutions and how the trends and events from 20th Century Argentina are with us today and accelerating.

Here are two commentaries from John Stossel regarding how government impacts society:

Markets and Miracles
Stossel: “As usual, big government is the problem rather than a solution.”

This video perfectly illustrates the difference between the private and public sector:

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick.


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