New Hampshire Rated #1 State for Taxpayer ROI

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Opinion, Special Alerts

WalletHub rated New Hampshire as the #1 State for Taxpayer Return on Investment of Taxes

Different states have dramatically different tax burdens.
Do people in high-tax states receive superior government services?
Are low-tax states more efficient or do they receive low-quality services?

“The WalletHub ranking of New Hampshire as Number 1 in Taxpayer Return on Investment is no surprise. It’s the result of our New Hampshire ethos of low taxes, frugal state government and personal freedom.” said Granite State Taxpayers Chairman Ray Chadwick.

WalletHub contrasted state and local tax collections with the quality of the services in each state.
They used five categories: Education, Health, Safety, Economy, and Infrastructure & Pollution.

WalletHub found NH to be #1 among states for quality of services versus tax burden.
Click on the link above for details of WalletHubs analysis.

“As our late Gov. Mel Thomson said, “Low taxes are the result of low spending.” People migrate to an environment, like New Hampshire, that enables them to keep more of the hard-earned fruits of their efforts. The consequence is more in-migration, more jobs and a growing economy.” said Chadwick. “The key for voters is to keep electing people who will protect the New Hampshire Advantage, and keep us #1.”

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick


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