The NH Advantage Is Under Attack

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Legislation, Opinion, Special Alerts

Our New Hampshire Advantage is Under Attack!
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The “New Hampshire Advantage” can mean many things to many people, for example:
– Low taxes and fees
– Frugal, constitutional government
– Personal freedom
– Political activism (First in the Nation Primary)
– Local control
– Business friendly
Granite State Taxpayers founders thought it meant “Low taxes are the result of low spending.”

Legislation Supported by (Democrat) Majorities in Concord Erodes our Advantage

Election Integrity Compromised
Bill passed (HB 105) to reverse SB 3 which required presentation of proof of domicile.
– HB 105 also ends follow up on double voting through Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program.
Bill passed (HB 106) to reverse HB 1264, which required voters to be residents.
– The requirement for voters to be residents was found constitutional by the NH Supreme Court.
Bill held for next year (HB 541) to award NH Electoral Votes to national popular vote winner.
– This (if passed next year) will be the end for the NH Primary and our political influence in DC.
Bill passed (HB 397) to enable those without SSN (illegal aliens?) to obtain NH Driver Licenses.
Bill passed (SB 7) to enable voter registration at the DMV when applying for Driver License.

Higher Taxes and Reduced Business Incentives Threaten our Economy and Business Growth
New Hampshire has lowest unemployment in the Nation, net in-migration and high wage growth.
Bills passed (HB 623 and HB 482) to eliminate planned reductions in business taxes.
Minimum wage bill (HB 186) with 2022 wage of $12.00 passed.
Bill to tax capital gains (HB 686) extends 5% tax on interest and dividends to capital gains.
Bill (HB 416) to protect NH retailers and persons from taxes of other states held in committee.
– US Supreme Court Wayfair decision creates liability for paying sales and income tax to other states.
Bill (SB 57) to phase out and repeal the utility property tax (for lower electricity cost) killed.

Government Expansion beyond Its Constitutional Responsibility
Bill passed (SB 1) for state takeover and mandate of Family Medical Leave Insurance.
– SB 1 grows bureaucracy, adds regulation and cost, and has the State take over a service currently available, sold and purchased in the private market.
– The government mandated plan (SB 1) also includes a .5% tax on workers’ wage income.
Bill passed (SB 310) for state sanctioned monopoly on casino gambling (two casinos).
Bills passed (HB 558 and HB560) restrict or prohibit plastic straws and single use bags.

Pension Reform (to address the $6 Billion Unfunded Pension Liability) Ignored
Bill (HB 629) establishing a defined contribution retirement plan killed.

Education Tax Credit Eliminated, Raises Education cost, Reduces choices.
Bill passed (HB 632) to eliminate the Education Tax Credit program.

Other Legislation Negatively Impacts Families, 2nd Amendment Rights and other Freedoms.

We Need Gov. Sununu to Veto this ill-advised Legislation.
We Also Need to Elect a Taxpayer Friendly Legislature in 2020!


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