NH Legislature Passes, and Governor Signs, Budget

by | Jun 26, 2021 | Legislation, Special Alerts

Governor Sununu Has Signed the Budget Passed by the Legislature in Budget Bills HB1 and HB2.

Here’s a summary of the votes, the budget, and comments about it, by Andrew Mahaleris at NHJournal:
NH Legislature Passes ‘Transformational’ $13.5 Billion State Budget.

Here’s a summary of the budget details by Drew Cline at the Josiah Bartlett Center website:
Budget deal cuts state spending by 3%, lowers taxes, creates Education Freedom Accounts.

The budget as passed included:
– Business Enterprise Tax and Business Profits Tax rate reductions to promote investment and growth.
– Lowering the Interest and Dividend tax rate, with a goal of eventual repeal, so retirees can stay in state.
– Reduction in the Rooms and Meals tax rate to promote tourism and the economy.
– Allocation of a more Rooms and Meals revenue to towns and cities, enabling local tax relief.
– Allocation of $100 Million directly to property taxpayers for tax relief by reducing their property tax bills.
– Education Saving Accounts to promote school choice and competition, with expected lower overall cost.

NH Senate Republicans all voted FOR and Democrats voted AGAINST both HB1 and HB2,
FOR: Kevin Avard, Regina Birdsell, Jeb Bradley, Sharon Carson, Gary Daniels, Harold French, Bill Gannon,
Bob Giuda, James Gray, Erin Hennessey, Chuck Morse, John Reagan, Denise Ricciardi, Ruth Ward
AGAINST: Kevin Cavanaugh, Lou D’Allesandro, Jay Kahn, Rebecca Perkins Kwoka, Suzanne Prentiss,
Cindy Rosenwald, Tom Sherman, Donna Soucy, David Watters, Rebecca Whitley

In the NH House, HB1 passed 208 to 172 and HB2 passed 198 to 181.

Except one, every Democrat voting was against tax reduction and against direct property tax relief.
Fourteen Democrats were “Excused” or “Not voting”, avoiding a record of of voting against taxpayers.
To see a summary of each persons’ votes ranked by FOR, AGAINST, EXCUSED and NOT VOTING, click:
Here for HB1 and here for HB2.

In 2022, remember whether your Legislators voted on behalf of New Hampshire taxpayers.
Click here to find your Legislators and thank those who passed the budget.

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick.


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