Republican Budget Reduces Your Taxes!

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Legislation, Special Alerts

Republican Budgets Reduce Your Taxes.

Recently, Republicans in Concord passed, and Governor Sununu signed, a balanced budget that reduces state spending and taxes for families, retirees, businesses and tourists, directly reduces property taxes, and increases payments to towns and cities so they have the ability (if they so choose) to further reduce your property taxes.

One Democrat (out of 172 voting) voted for one budget bill. Every other Democrat voted against:

– A phase-out of the Interest and Dividends Tax over 5 years.

– Reducing the Meals and Rooms Tax from 9% to 8.5% to help our tourism industry.

– Reducing Business Profits and Business Enterprise Tax rates and exempting 30,000 businesses from filing, so businesses have more funds to grow employment, wages and the economy.

– Allocating $100 million in direct property tax relief to municipalities.

– Increasing Meals and Rooms Tax distribution to municipalities by $50 million.

– Increasing education funding by $102 million, now totaling $2.2 billion.

The budget also included a paid family medical leave program without an income tax or government bureaucracy (both part of the Democrat plan two years ago), a ban (like 43 other states) on medically unnecessary late-term (partial birth) abortions, a ban on teaching racial superiority or inferiority (CRT) in schools and increased educational choice for low income families (Education Freedom Accounts).

At, on the State Legislature page, you can find budget bills HB1 and HB2 and votes taken on each.

Click below to see the votes of each Legislator either for or against the budget and its tax cuts:
HB1 House Votes
HB2 House Votes
Senate Budget Votes

We need a legislature that believes government should respect taxpayers by enabling them to keep more of their hard earned funds to spend as they see fit, rather than expanding to take more of your money to spend as it prefers.

If you want to comment on the way your Legislators voted and the Governor acted, you can:
Click here to find your Legislators and their contact information.
Click here for Governor Sununu’s contact information.

In 2022, we need to remember who voted for the taxpayers’ interests, and who did not.

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick


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