Republicans Gave Us Lower Taxes

by | Nov 5, 2018 | Opinion, Special Alerts

GRANITE STATE TAXPAYERS (GST) works to educate New Hampshire taxpayers as to the effect that low spending, which equates to low taxes, will have on their day-to-day lives.

GST supports lower taxes so that each taxpayer keeps more of their income to use as they see fit.
More discretionary income increases consumer confidence and spending, growing the economy and wages.
“Lower taxes serve as a check on government, and to increase freedom’ said GST Chairman Ray Chadwick.

GST supports election law reforms so that only people who reside in New Hampshire can vote here.
Allowing residents of other states (6,540 in 2016) to vote here is, in effect, representation without taxation.

The races for the U.S. House of Representatives and the New Hampshire House, Senate, Executive Council and Governor are important in this election in order to retain and build upon past successes.
Consequently it’s important to consider the stark differences between candidates for these offices, and the parties that they represent, relative to spending, taxes and election integrity.

Since 2016, Republican majorities and Executives in Washington and Concord have reduced taxes.
No Democrats in Washington voted to reduce taxes, and few did in Concord.
The prospective House Speaker, if Democrats win a majority, has stated her intent to roll back recent tax cuts.

In Concord, the Republican House, Senate and Governor have passed election law reforms.
Senate Bill 3 requires voters to prove domicile. House Bill 1264 will prevent voting by residents of other states.
The Democrat Party sued to prevent implementation of SB 3, a similar requirement to DC and 49 other states.

A vote for Eddie Edwards and Steve Negron would support the US House majority that passed tax cuts.
A vote for their opponents could seat a new Democrat majority that would support higher taxes.

Governor Chris Sununu lowered taxes on electricity and business and reduced unnecessary regulations.
His opponent, as a state senator, supported increased taxes and fees, including a tax on LLC income.

It is critically important to keep majorities in place that support lower taxes and election integrity.

GST rates candidates regarding their positions on issues supportive of taxpayers.
Click for ratings of New Hampshire House and Senate candidates who responded to the survey.

Governor Sununu, Eddie Edwards, Steve Negron, and Republican majorities in the NH House, Senate and Executive Council supported, and stated their intent to support, taxpayers and our issues.
They and their party have demonstrated a commitment to keep spending and taxes in check, balancing the needs of society while recognizing that government cannot grow faster than people’s ability to pay for it.


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