Taxpayer Pledge Reception

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Press Releases, Special Alerts

The Taxpayer Pledge Reception October 24, 2018 was a Great Success!

Grover Norquist and Tommy Thomson congratulated and thanked New Hampshire Pledge Takers.
Click here to learn about the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Activists heard Grover Norquist and Tommy Thomson talk about the importance of keeping taxes low.


In the GST candidate surveys, 152 candidates committed to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.
GST wanted to help expand the number of New Hampshire Pledge Takers,” said GST Chairman Ray Chadwick.
GST sent their names to Americans for Tax Reform and Grover personally signed their certificates.



Pledge Takers posed for a picture with Grover Norquist, Tommy Thomson and the Meldrim Thomson AX.

“We grew the number of New Hampshire officials pledged to stand with Taxpayers,” said Chairman Chadwick.
“It was a good day for Taxpayers in the Granite State.”


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