2020 Candidate Survey

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Surveys Completed for 2020 Primary Candidates for Governor, Council, NH House and Senate.
Granite State Taxpayers sent surveys to 931 primary candidates for their positions on taxpayer issues.
The surveys were mailed to 463 Republican and 468 Democrat primary candidates
219 candidates responded and completed the survey. 97 of them achieved a score of 100%.
205 Republicans responded with an average score of 94%, and 11 Democrats with an average score of 62%.

We recommend that Taxpayers review this data and vote for candidates who care about Taxpayers.

To review the GST ranking of 219 candidates who responded, please click on the following links:
Survey by Name
Survey by District
Survey by Score
Taxpayer Protection Pledge Takers

To download a read-only spreadsheet with survey data and candidate answers and comments, click:
2020 Survey Summary Spreadsheet

The candidate score is the percentage of their “Yes” responses to the questions below.

NH House and Senate candidates are asked to answer the following questions:
Will you oppose any income or sales tax, or any increase in the overall tax burden in New Hampshire?
Will you support decreasing state spending or at least preventing any increase in state spending?
Will you support limiting voting to persons who have been New Hampshire residents for at least 30 days?
Will you support using the same residency standard for all NH services that require residency?
Do you believe that state public school funding should be set by the state budget and not by the courts?
Do you support additional school choice options?
Will you support passing Right-to-Work legislation?
Will you support reducing business taxes and regulations to encourage economic development and business retention?
Will you support pension reforms for government employees including a transition from defined-benefit to defined-contribution plans?
Will you vote to terminate expanded Medicaid if the Federal contribution is cut?
Will you oppose casino gambling?
Will you support actions that decrease electricity rates, and oppose any actions that will increase them, including net metering and expanded alternative energy mandates?

Governor and Executive Council candidates are asked to answer the following additional questions:
Do you believe the actions of the Governor and the Executive Council must have a substantial influence on controlling State spending?
Will you oppose increasing the toll rates on NH turnpikes?
Will you support only Public Utilities and Environmental Services commissioner nominees who will roll back RGGI?
Would you support only a nominee for AG who will diligently investigate potential voter fraud issues?
Will you support only judicial nominees who will uphold the NH Constitution as written and in accordance with its original intent?
Do you believe that the Governor and Executive Counselors are entitled to complete information as to the need and purpose of particular contracts and those questions and answers should be aired in public?
Will you support only those nominees for the State Board of Education and Commissioner who will promote citizen choice in Education, such as homeschooling, educational tax abatements, and charter schools?

Like in 2018, we asked candidates their positions on taking the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge:
“I will oppose and Vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”
Of the 219 candidates responding, 82 had already taken the Pledge, and 108 others volunteered to do so.
Click here to see candidates for the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

We need to elect Taxpayer-friendly Executives and Legislatures in Washington and Concord!
In the 2020 election, remember what was done by prior Republican majorities in Washington and Concord.

We all need to Show Up on November 3, 2020 and elect people who believe in Low Taxes!

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick


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