GST Report on 2021 – 2022 Activities

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Press Releases, Special Alerts

Granite State Taxpayers has announced the following report on 2021 – 2022 activities.
This report was delivered at the GST Biennial Meeting on December 12, 2022.
GST efforts include research on issues, website and Facebook posts, Member and Legislator emails, testimony before NH House and Senate, speaking engagements and Community TV shows.

Granite State Taxpayers Board Members Elected, to take Office 1/5/23:
Pat Abrami, Ray Chadwick *, Bob Dabrowski *, Joe D’Aleo *, Jon DiPietro *, Peter de Bruyn Kops *
Bob Giuda, Barbara Griffin, Neal Kurk*, John Lewicke *, David McConville *, Dan McGuire *
* Current or former Director.

Advocacy – Testimony on Legislation in process
GST provided testimony on legislation in process in the areas of environmental regulations, business regulations, minimum wages, election law, school choice, spending and other areas of interest.

Advocacy – Election Integrity
Identified 64 New Hampshire Towns and Cities that received Zuckerbucks in the 2020 election.
Identified New Hampshire towns and cities illegally promoting Covid-phobia for absentee voting.
Reviewed and publicized the incentive for election fraud proposed in US House H.R.1 bill.
Posted Secretary of State data on non-resident same day registrations in 2016, 2018 and 2020 by voters using out-of-state driver licenses for identification.
Supported Constitutional Amendment (CACR 36) to limit voting to NH and US Citizens.

Advocacy – New Hampshire Pension Plan Reforms
GST organized a joint effort with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Josiah Bartlett Center to evaluate and propose changes from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution Plan.

Voter Education – Meetings, Information and Videos
New Hampshire Energy Cost Summit held on 7/22/21 on Causes and Cures for High Energy Costs in New Hampshire, with Presentations, a Panel Discussion and Q&A.
Sharpen the New Hampshire Advantage Summit held 7/13/22 with speakers Hon. Gary Daniels and Jonathan Williams (ALEC).
Video interviews with Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist and American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) Chief Economist Jonathan Williams.
Website posts for information on NH House Legislation from Representative Carol McGuire and Executive Council proceedings from Councilor Janet Stevens.

Voter Education – Legislator Scorecard 7/13/22
Reviewed roll-call votes (fifty-one House and thirty Senate) taken during the 2021-2022 session.
Besides taxes, bills were included on spending, business regulation, voting integrity, electric rates and other issues of interest to taxpayers. 14 Legislators had perfect GST scores.

Voter Education – 2022 Candidate Survey
Surveyed 961 Primary Candidates for Governor, Council, House and Senate on taxpayer issues.
205 candidates completed the survey. 72 achieved a score of 100%. The group average was 91%.
196 Republicans averaged 93%, 4 Democrats averaged 25%, 5 Undeclared averaged 62%.

Voter Education – Candidate Comparisons October 2022
In cooperation with NH Firearms Coalition, developed and mailed 36,688 postcards comparing NH Senate candidates in Districts 11, 16, 20 and 24 on taxpayer and 2A positions.
Recommended Gov. Sununu and Republican US Senate and House candidates over opponents.

GST Membership and Public Relations Growth.
Booth at the Amherst Independence Day parade in 2022; no parade in 2021.
Presentation to Grover Norquist at the Americans for Tax Reform DC meeting on 3/9/22.
GST website posts: 47 in 2022 to date, 83 in 2021, 76 in 2020, 47 in 2019, 88 in 2018.
GST member emails: 19 in 2022 to date, 33 in 2021, 23 in 2020, 26 in 2019, 41 in 2018.
GST email contact list 785 (from 624 on 12/8/20 and 315 on 11/29/18).
GST Press list has 69 contacts.

GST 2023 – 2024 Objectives
Renew contacts with new Legislature Leadership.
Expand membership and recruit members for a greater presence and influence.
Expand Business community and press contacts.
Grow our social media presence and influence.

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick


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