GST Report on 2019 – 2020 Activities

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Granite State Taxpayers has announced the following report on 2019 – 2020 activities.
This report was delivered at the GST Biennial Meeting on December 8, 2020.
GST efforts include research on issues, website and Facebook posts, Member and Legislator emails, testimony before NH House and Senate, speaking engagements and Community TV shows.

Advocacy – Family and Medical Leave (various bills for State Takeover and Income tax)
Opposed the FMLI tax on income in position papers and testimony to NH Senate and House.

Advocacy – Protect NH Businesses from tax payments to other states (Supported HB416)
Supported HB416 to protect NH businesses from the effects of the US Supreme Court Wayfair decision.

Advocacy – Supported lower Utility Tax rates (Supported HB530)
Supported bill to reduce utility property tax to reduce energy costs for ratepayers.

Advocacy – Election Integrity (Supported SB3 and HB 1264)
SB3: voters to document that they live in NH. HB1264: voters must reside in NH.
Opposed bills to eliminate these reforms in position papers and testimony to NH Senate and House.
Presentations on election integrity to 12 groups and in 1 Community TV interview
Reviewed and publicized the incentive for election fraud proposed in the US House stimulus bills

Advocacy – Preserve the NH Advantage Rally Saturday, 3/30/19
GST organized a rally of over 300 Activists on the NH Capital steps to support the NH Advantage.
Purpose was to hear Minority Leaders discuss legislation and support the Governor’s vetoes.

Education – Oppose the “Green” Agenda, Net metering expansions
Oppose the “green” initiatives to implement regulations and non-market incentives that raise costs.
Recruited Weather Channel co-founder and climate expert Joe D’Aleo to the GST Board.
Held a widely attended “Climate Facts” meeting on June 25, 2019 to explain climate cyclicality and refute claims of global warming being used to fuel larger government regulations.

Education – Zoom conference on Select Committee on Emergency Election Support, 6/3/20
Committee established to advise on processing additional absentee ballots and protecting the health and safety of voters and poll workers. Committee member Rep. Barbara Griffin reported on the status of the Select Committee deliberations and the expected changes for the 2020 Elections.

Education – House Member Scorecard 8/17/20
Reviewed thirty roll-call votes during the 2019-2020 session, including votes on taxes, spending, business regulations, voting integrity, electric rates and other issues of interest to taxpayers.
Average scores were 19% for the 233 Democrats and 88% for the 162 Republicans.
17 representatives had perfect attendance and perfect GST scores.

Education – 2020 Candidate Survey with ATR Taxpayer Protection Pledge 8/17/20
Surveyed Primary Candidates for Governor, Council, NH House and NH Senate.
219 candidates completed the survey, and 97 of them achieved a score of 100%.
Average scores were 94% for the 205 Republican responses and 62% for 11 Democrat responses.
Signed up candidates to take the ATR pledge at a signing event with Grover Norquist.

Education – Candidate Comparisons October 2020
In cooperation with NH Firearms Coalition, developed and mailed 22,212 postcards comparing NH Senate candidates in Districts 1, 11, 16, 18 and 23 on taxpayer and 2A positions.
GST recommended Gov. Sununu over his opponent due to his record.

GST Member Meetings
Meeting 6/25/19 with speaker Joe D’Aleo presenting Climate Facts
Meeting 10/30/19 with speakers Chris Sununu, Check Morse and Dick Hinch to recognize the vetoes and legislative efforts required to stop initiatives like, FMLI income tax, minimum wage increases, election law relaxation and many other bills.
30th Anniversary Meeting 8/11/20 with speaker Grover Norquist on the state of the economy.
Each meeting was broadcast on Bedford Community TV and posted to the GST YouTube channel.

GST Membership and Public Relations Growth
Booth at the Amherst Independence Day parade in 2019, no parade in 2020.
Presentations to Americans for Tax Reform DC meetings on 1/16/19, 10/23/19, 2/19/20, 6/10/20.
GST website updated for improved appearance plus easier posting and information search
GST website posts: 72 in 2020 to date, 47 in 2019, 88 in 2018.
GST email contact list expanded to 624 (from 315 on 11/29/18). Press contact list has 82 contacts.
GST Facebook presence and followers expanded with more posts, boosts and video content.
YouTube channel with video of testimony, GST meeting speakers, Norquist interviews

GST 2020 – 2022 Objectives
Renew contacts with new Legislature Leadership.
Expand membership and recruit members for a greater presence and influence.
Expand Business community and press contacts.
Grow our social media presence and influence.

Posted by GST Chairman Ray Chadwick


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